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Gaia - Earth
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bank of Natural Capital

In 2007, world leaders setup the TEEB Study to find out the economic impact of biodiversity loss. Led by Pavan Sukhdev, 500+ scientists, business leaders, policy makers and citizens the conclusions were astounding: do nothing, and we lose trillions.
Nature should be valued for its intrinsic worth, over and above any economic factors. However, right now, we’re losing nature because we don’t price it in. We need to factor the value of nature into buying decisions and add a line for Natural Capital into annual reports and GDP.
We can’t afford to wait for these ideas to slowly gain acceptance: we need you to spread the word now. Join us on Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends about TEEB and help make a real Bank of Natural Capital to safeguard the wealth of future generations.

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